Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Whew, it's Tuesday.  Over the weekend I went to a great craft night hosted by Missy G.  This is what I made

Isn't it cute? The only thing I would do differently is the bottom heart {it's too light}.  This year, it stays.  I might re-do it next year.

I love the way it finishes off my little Valentine area near the fireplace.  We used unfinished hearts from Hobby Lobby ($1.50 each), some paint, ribbon and vinyl letters.  Super easy. 

This is what the others looked like, but I'm weird and didn't want mine to look the same as everyone else's. This idea from The Peanut Paintshop.  Very cute!  Looks like conversation hearts!


  1. Yeah! It looks great. I love that you come to craft night and totally make it your own project! Any ideas for next month?

  2. Love this idea what is the ribbon adhered with?

  3. I used hot glue and it's worked just fine. If you are worried about the weight (since you have LOTS of names) then you could do hot glue with a staple (from staple gun) or two. Glad you like it. Happy crafting!


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