Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is my fridge (before and after)....

Before:  We had kids work, ABC letters, envelopes of money that the kids were saving, business cards, chore charts etc.  It drove me nuts looking so cluttered and messy!  We had to keep white board markers and socks for erasing on the counter next to the fridge for our erasable chore charts.

After:  Ahhhhh....  
Now I have a wipe off weekly menu as well as shopping list.  I also have the wipe off chore charts.  Each of the kids has a little container with 3 sections.  {Money they are saving, money for God and their markers and socks}  Of course I also kept our sweet Aneylo and Edilia up there {our kids we support through World Vision} so they are always on my mind!

I bought the frames at Dollar Tree, paper at local craft store {Michael's} and LOTS of heavy duty magnets.  In fact, the most expensive part was all of the magnets.  I hot glued felt that I already had onto the backs so that none of the metal hangers would scratch the fridge.

I just LOVE the finished product!  Don't you?  Enjoy making-over your fridge or kitchen command area!


  1. Wow! I love it! Looks so nice and neat :)

  2. Brilliant! I knew you were a fabulous preschool teacher-but seriously on the super crafty rock star!!! Love the Valentine's decorations. I have to Valentine-ish birthdays in my house-so getting something up for Feb. would be very fun. My mantel needs a little if I could use my time well and actually produce cute crafts! Thanks, Heather!


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