Thursday, January 12, 2012

Make-Your-Own Tactile Number Book

What Preschool age kiddo doesn't LOVE touching and counting things?  Kids are  hands-on learners {they want to touch and explore just about everything}.  Let them make their own counting book
that they can pull out over and over again to practice counting and one to one corresponence as well as number recognition.  I love getting lots of BANG for my BUCK!  My Preschool (3 year old) class made a number 6-10 book this week and my Pre-K made a number 11-20 book this week.  Print them out and help your child use simple things around the house to make their own number book.



  1. Do you have print outs for 1-5?

  2. At this point in the year we've already covered numbers 1-5, so that's why they aren't there. Sorry, but with all of my current curriculum requirements I can't make things we aren't currently using. They'll be posted next year for sure! Sorry!


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