Thursday, March 8, 2012

Fave Font Friday

I'm always loving getting new fonts that I can use on projects or scrapbooking. 

I hope you like them too!  Download them free here:   I'm Fashionista Delius UnicaseOlho de PeixeKiddishRandom House


  1. Okay, I love these! I started to search for other ones I might like on the site that you link to and then I was realized I really liked waiting until Friday to see what you've picked out-much easier!
    And...of course, thanks for helping me figure out how to upload them to my computer (or is that download then upload...) whatever, you know what I mean : )

  2. Thanks!!! I've got another one planned in a couple weeks. It's always fun to have new fonts to use. :-) Glad to be able to help and now you can download them every time! :-)


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