Thursday, February 9, 2012

Personalized Clipboard

Ever feel like you are running a rat race?  Well, every Tuesday and Thursday we get in the car as soon as the kids are home from school {snack and homework in hand} to head to swimming.  We are constantly doing our homework in the car...  Since the kids need something firm to write on they keep stealing borrowing my clipboards that I use for work.  Well, it hasn't taken long for me to be OVER not know where the clipboards are.  I went to Hobby Lobby, got 2 plain clipboards for around $2 each, used Mod Podge and scrapbook paper I already had and created these cuties.  Originally I wanted to do more layering of paper and colors and then realized that it would make the writing surface bumpy and just decided to go "plain".  Simply cut the paper to size, apply mod podge to clipboard and lay the paper down.  Smooth out the bubble before it dries with a flat card (like a credit card)  My kids LUV them and I love knowing where MY clipboards are when I need them.  I plan on adding some cute ribbons to the top, but haven't had the time.


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